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My project of late has been going through all my epic stuff and repainting vehicles and rebases the infantry and support units.So for show is want i have done so far, with the IG figures. I will have enough figures to do 6000 points forces of the above armies. I have worked it that i will have roughly 45000 points if i was just to do Minervan Tank Legion. They were painted the following way:

1) Under coat black/grey
2) Painted a Red Tara (British paints)
3) Tracks, guns painted sliver
4) Then P3 red ink over the top of the Red Tara (British paints).
5) Then P3 armour wash over the top of the sliver.
6) Then dry brush CB Shell Grey (British paints).

The bases are done in a light grey colour.

First up group shot in want I have done so far in the armour sector. The pictures shows, I that have roughly done 7 super heavy tank companies, 2 artillery batteries and 5 tank companies 

yjhgjh 002

The below pictures show the following:

Super heavy tanks: Which are Stormblade, Stormsword, Baneblade, Shadowsword, Stormhammer,

Artillery: which are two types at the moment Basilisks Bombards.

Tanks: there are a few different types of tanks in the below shots, they are: Leman Russ, Leman Russ Demolisher, Leman Russ Thunderer, Leman Russ Vanquisher, Leman Russ Executioner and the Leman Russ Conqueror.

yjhgjh 003 yjhgjh 004 yjhgjh 005 yjhgjh 006 yjhgjh 007  yjhgjh 009 yjhgjh 010 yjhgjh 011 yjhgjh 012 yjhgjh 013 yjhgjh 014 yjhgjh 015

The below shots have show the following:

Transports: Chimeras

SPAA: Hydras 

Tank hunter: Leman Russ Destroyer

 yjhgjh 016 yjhgjh 017 yjhgjh 018 yjhgjh 019 yjhgjh 020 yjhgjh 021 yjhgjh 022

I have the following on the paint table that are nearly done, 3 artillery batteries, 3 Leman Russ companies,1 unit of death strike missiles, 3 units of Thunderbolt Fighters, 3 units of Marauder Bombers, 1 company of shadowswords, 1 company of baneblades, 3 supports units of griffin mortars and 1 Salamander Scout Platoon. I have the following to under coat 1 artillery battery, 3 supports units of Medusas and 2 Light Support Battery. I’m waiting on the following to turn up 2 Leman Russ companies,2 Leman Russ Demolisher companies, 2 Baneblade companies and 1 Stormblade company. I still have a pile of infantry to go through along with more support units.

May the dices roll high for you.


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