Monday, February 13, 2012

The Battle of Pearl's Harbour


Greg & I had our first game of Dystopian Wars last night. While most reviews of the game concentrate on the naval aspect, Greg had prepared for us the land battle instead. This had lots of (beautifully painted by Greg) dystopian war machines from lowly battle tanks to massive Landships and Walkers. As can be seen from the pictures, it was a very impressive sight to behold.

(As always Britt wrote the report and i took the pictures, I have added the forces that were used)

Greg said that the forces were equivalent to 2 ‘Starter Sets” on each side. I chose to be the ‘Federated States of America’ leaving him to play the most honourable ‘Empire of the Blazing Sun’.



  • 2 x Washington Class Land Ship.
  • 12 x Trenton Class Medium Tank.
  • 6 x Yorktown Class Bombard.
  • 20 x Pioneer Class Small Tank.


  • 2 x Taka Ishi Heavy Walker.
  • 12 x Chi Ri Class Medium Tank.
  • 6 x Ho I Class Bombard.
  • 20 x Ke Ho Class Small Tank.

The terrain was rolling hills with a few farms and a forest or two. The EotBS forces entered along the northern edge of the table, the FS the southern. Both sides mixed up their deployment so that there was no real concentration of any special types at any point. The EotBS “Walkers” were certainly were eye-catching!

;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; 001 ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; 002

Turn 1: The FS won the toss and had the EotBS move first. This turn was mainly one of maneuver as both sides jockeyed for position.  On the western flank, the EotBS blows up a FS tank. This turns into a disaster as it explodes, blowing away a light supporting tank and causing both tank units to fail a morale test. The FS commander is concerned.

;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; 003;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; 004;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; 005;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; 006

;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; 007;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; 008;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; 009

Turn 2: The battle now quickly heats up. On the east flank the FS Landship takes a position on a ridge, turning to bring all its turrets to bear as its light tanks race along the flank.  This is met by EotBS light & medium tanks, with their huge Walker in support. Casualties escalate at an alarming rate, with both sides taking heavy losses. In the west, the slender forest there poses some unusual problems of whether to try to go through and risk damage or be funneled toward the centre.  EotBS forces destroy several medium FS tanks, wiping out one unit and forcing the supporting light tanks to retreat. The FS Landship is taking a terrible beating. The EotBS light tanks move through the central forest and suffer no damage, though they inflict little as well. Bombarding Rocket launchers destroy an EotBS medium tank unit, but the other units keep on coming!

;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; 010;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; 011;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; 012;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; 013;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; 014;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; 015;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; 016

Turn 3: The EotBS wins the initiative and moves out with its huge Walker on the eastern flank, destroying several FS tank units. The FS Landship and escorts fire in return for a couple of hits on this gigantic mechanoid spider. FS light tanks move through the western forest to destroy an enemy tank, otherwise the battle here is definitely going against the FS as casualties mount and units fall back.  The centre is going better for the FS, the 2 units of rocket tanks doing their lethal work, though EotBS medium tanks here are still causing casualties. The eastern forces of both sides have been decimated! Small, desperate fights are taking place all over the board as the casualties mount. Sadly, the FS is getting the worst of it.

;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; 017;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; 018;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; 019;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; 020;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; 021;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; 023

Turn 4:  More explosions everywhere as tanks brew up & men die. The FS wins the initiative, and tries ineffectively to hold back the EotBS drive on the east, or what’s left of it. Things are even worse on the western flank, The FS Landshp has taken so many hits that it’s all but harmless. Most of the tank units have been destroyed, and the light tanks try to screen the Landship. Only in the centre has the EotBS thrust been stopped, but that has been with the Bombard rocket tanks, which really can’t launch an offensive. Tanks on both sides continue to explode, with few light tanks remaining in the west.

;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; 024;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; 025;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; 026;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; 027;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; 028;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; 029;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; 030

Turn 5: The Federated States commander has no choice but to order a withdrawal. Even that will be difficult in the west as the FS Landship is about to be over run. There’s precious little left of the eastern flank to withdraw. Fortunately, EotBS forces are equally exhausted and pursuit is not vigorous. There will be other times, and other battles! So ended the Battle of Pearl’s Harbour.

 ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; 031 ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; 032 ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; 033 ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; 034 ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; 035 ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; 036 ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; 037 ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; 038

That was an excellent game Greg. Most enjoyable. The rules worked well and the models and painting were stunning. I’m looking forward to next Monday night when the Dystopian Wars go to sea.

Hope the dice roll high for you