Monday, November 28, 2011

HotT’s Game


Well after two weeks of have a house full of sick people, manage to get a Hott game in last night with Britt. Any ways as always Britt reports and i take the pictures.

Greg & Trent came over tonight for yet another game of Hordes of the Things. This has always been a favourite of mine & much more like the fantasy novels in their use of magic and large battles. We had a full 72 points of Undead Hordes facing a similar sized Aquilonian force. Trent commanded the Undead while Greg gave them advice and “spiritual leadership” while I commanded the Aquilonians.

   The terrain was a series of low hills and a thin forest bisecting the left third of the battlefield. It was determined that the skeletal hordes had invaded fair Aquilonia, so I put out my Castle while Trent started deploying the masses of Behemoth Rats, Skeletal Knights, Catapults, Blades, and hordes of Hordes! As defender, I had the advantage of deploying second. My army was composed of Knights, Bowmen (Bosnian archers), Spearmen, and a few medium horse (Riders).

   On my left, things got off to a very shaky start indeed. While this was Trent’s smallest command, it contained 3 Giant Rats (Behemoths) backed up by Blade wielding skeletons! My Knights rolled in…and died! Fortunately, my Bowmen killed off this threat, but not before my Sub-General on this flank had died (among others), halving my “PiP” roll on this flank for the rest of the game. The surviving Knights fought ineffectually against the Undead Blades.

   The fight in the centre was pretty much a draw. My Knights killed lots of Undead Hordes, but they just came back when resurrected.  My Spearmen killed off the Catapults, but these “infernal engines” proved hard to kill and took many a valiant spearman with them. I was smarter this game and kept my C-in-C out of the battle line. Losing him cost me the last game.

   It was on my right flank that most of the real brawling occurred. The Skeletal Knights punched through the extreme right, pushing back two Aquilonian Riders. One soon died, but the other held his ground….well, actually he retreated the whole game, but he kept two enemy Knight units ‘amused’. While that was happening my Knights on the hill fought a see-saw battle up & down the hill there with the Skeletal Knights backed up by Hordes. Aquilonia finally prevailed, but the cost was high.

   Eventually The Undead Hordes ran out of…undead! That is to say, I won by destroying half his force. Mind you, Aquilonia wasn’t in a great position either. At least the Castle was saved!


Any ways may the dice roll high