Monday, December 15, 2008

"Scenario #7" Encounter

The below report was written by Britt with me taking pictures before the batties went dead

Greg, James, Trent & Britt had our usual game of FWC yesterday. The game was unusual in that, though we'd played nine games previously, this was the first that had Mechs or close combat in a city. The battle featured the usual alliance of the NAC & Red Guard vs. Marines, both sides totaling 4000 points.

Space Marines: (Greg & Trent)
1 CO (CV10)
2 HQ (CV9)
2 FAC (CV9)
2 Recce Unit (M4A2 All-Terrain Bike)
8 Infantry Unit (Regular Marines)
4 IFV Unit (M50 'Bad Dawg')
8 IFV Unit (M1 'Big Mama' Assault Vehicle)
2 Walker Unit (M1A5 'Coyote')
8 Artillery Unit (M1 Missile System)

Red Guard: (James)
1 CO (CV8)
2 HQ (CV7)
1 FAO (CV8)
8 Conscripts
3 Red Lance Artillery
2 T-990V
4 T-990 MBTs
4 T-855 APCs
4 Z-770T Canons

North American Combine:(Britt)
1 CO (CV9)
2 HQ (CV8)
1 FAO (CV8 upgrade)
4 Combine Inf.
6 Banshee SPAT
7 Yankee Lt. Tanks
4 Minotaur Arty.
1 Lt. Orbital Bomb't

This gave the RG/NAC Alliance a breakpoint of ( 9+11) 20 and the Marines 11. Terrain was Arcturus City again, and a few hills and scrub. An Agriculture station was in the centre and a Tank Farm on the eastern edge. On the south table edge, L to R, The Red Guard deployed FO, Co, 990V's, MBT's, Cannons, with the Chimera loaded with infantry behind the city. Further east the NAC had its infantry in the scrub near the city, with the Banshees and easternmost the Lt. Tanks. On the north west side of the table, the Marines had Big M's, FO, recon bike and infantry in Rhinos behind the city, while eastward they deployed their CO, 2 groups of Big M's, Rhinos, Recce Bikes, and the 2 Coyotes.

The 3rd Battle for Arcturus City was a furious, confused, and bloody affair. The Allies moved first, with the Red Guard artillery suppressing an enemy Rhino & HQ. The Red Guard advances, but such is their lust for battle that in the confusion they move their CO (our overall commander) as well, thus the NAC can now not move. This error is compounded when the distraught NAC fail to move forward their FAO so he can see something!
By comparison, the Marines were a well-oiled machine. Greg moves his Coyotes up, each killing a Banshee. His Big M's move up in support as his Recce bike takes position in the Tank Farm. Trents Recce also moves into position as his forces move up.

The Red Guard and NAC try and bribe the lower ranks with food, Plan A
Plan A didn't work so Plan B, stuff the opposition

NAC Yankee's fail to move, Banshees get off numerous shots but no kills. The Red Guard artillery fails (probably at a political meeting). RG infantry move into the city. All but peaceful on the eastern front as Coyotes blow away 2 more Banshees and cause another to retreat. In the west, death rains down on the RG tanks on the hill. 5 are damaged & suppressed and 1 killed. We were lucky. By rights, at least 3 tanks should have died.
Hey sir look at that nice target on the hill over there.

Marines shout with joy when the hill lit up and then the smoke cleared only to find the Red Guard in a better defenace postion.

In the east, the NAC Artillery, Banshees, & Lt. Tanks combine to kill 3 Big M's. A command blunder causes our CO to take -2 on his CV for 2 turns. The RG artillery misses, while another blunder causes the CO to move back. This is a black hour for the NAC as Coyotes & Big M's with artillery destroy everything in sight. 1 NAC infantry and 3 Lt. Tanks are killed, and another 3 suppressed. Trent destroys a RD Cannon and moves his marines into Arcturus City.

The NAC's Orbital strike results in a blunder, everyone else either suppressed or lacks a HQ.(dead). James' RG kill 3 Big M's as they continue to race forward. Infantry now reach the centre of Arcturus City. Trent replies by killing 2 cannon & a 990V as his Marines move up to score hits on the Chimeras in the city. He then moves up to do a successful close assault. The Chimeras run, those that still can. Greg kills 2 more Lt. Tanks, by fire and close assault from Marines in Rhinos.

Britt kills a Big M with NAC Banshees, but in truth, very little is left to fight with. James RG move up but kill nothing. A blunder results in a cannon chasing away a Marine HQ. He continues his move to encircle Arcturus City from the north. Greg's Rhinos & Marines kill another 2 LT's. while Trents Artillery continues to hurt James's tank march.

Britt kills another Big M with Banshees. The NAC now only has 3 of these left and a few infantry. The RG moves North of Arcturus City, but it's too late. Greg's Coyotes finish off the last remaining Banshees, and the Allies, whats left of them, break. Victory to The Marines in a toughly contested battle!

A most enjoyable and exciting battle. Something, good or bad, was constantly happening. Next week it'll be another "Scenario #7" as we reorganise our armies once more. The Marines are even rumoured to be investing in aircraft. See everyone then.

Well said Britt and i'm looking forward to another game next week if all goes well from me. So there you go another 4 hours killed on the Sunday afternoon, a nice sunny hot 35 out side.