Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Lazy Marines…Lazy Marines…Lazy Marines


Well been a while since I have done a update for my blog. so thought I would do a army shot of the lazy marines. Well with this force I will be able to do the following lists.

Stand Marines

White Scars

Raven Guard

Dark angles

Red corsairs (chaos)

Iron warriors (chaos)

Army shot

yes 002


 yes 003 yes 004 yes 006


yes 007 yes 008 yes 009 yes 010 yes 011 yes 012 yes 013yes 019

yes 024yes 025yes 027yes 028

Bikes, Attack bikes and Land speeders

yes 029yes 030

Armour vehicles

 yes 014 yes 015 yes 016 yes 031

yes 017 yes 018  yes 020 

 yes 022 yes 023  yes 021

So I still have about 7 units dev to paint, which I can’t paint since I’m waiting on them to come in……..

May the dices roll high