Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Alpha Strike: Shootout at Lake City


A word from the opposing commander………………

Greg, Trent, & I had our largest ever game of Battletech Alpha Strike last night: 10 Mechs, 8 Tanks, and 8 infantry per side for a total of 52 units on the table. I definitely prefer Battletech on this scale as I feel it much more captures the flavour of these battles. The Mechs were the King of Battle, but the other guys were there doing their part as well. Ignore them at your peril. The infantry even got in a few decisive hits.

Greg led the Grey Ghost Legion (House Steiner) while Trent and I commanded Forrest's Devils, a Merc unit employed by House Marik, in a fight over Lake City (a charming municipality with a central lake surrounded by forests and hills). It was a tough fight with Mechs, Tanks, and even Infantry exploding in balls of incandesent red, yellow, and pink as gunners found their range.

Two & 1/2 hours after the battle began, the Grey Ghost Legion began it's fighting withdrawl. Forrest's Devils had won, though at great cost, and Lake City would remain in Marik hands.

FORCES: 2 Catapults, 2 Valkyries, 2 Trebuchets, 2 Hunchbacks, 2 Riflemen, 4 Axel Heavy Tanks, 2 Scorpion Light Tanks, 2 Padilla Heavy Artillery Tanks, and 8 squads of armoured infantry on each side.


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Hope the dice roll high for you



Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Alpha Strike "Battle of Oakawaha"


Manage to have two Alpha Strike games last night, anyways a brief reply from the opposing side.

4 Lances of House Marik’s “Green Machine” Mercenary Regt (2 Mech, 2 Tank) were surprised by an equal force from House Davion’s Merc Force ‘Lyon’s Pride’ while on a routine ‘sweep’ of the area north of Oakawaha.. Green Machine was triumphant during the first encounter, but a second ‘tanks only’ fight saw Lyon’s Pride’ just beat them out.

   Greg, Trent, & I had an excellent pair of battles using the Battletech Alpha Strike rules last night. Running 8 Mechs and 8 Tanks per side certainly makes for a far different looking and playing game than with normal Battletech, and we all admitted to very much liking the change. While Epic Armageddon still remains my favourite game, Alpha Strike is now coming in at a very close second. When we add infantry & Artillery to Alpha Strike next week, things should be pretty much tied. All the vehicles certainly make the table look much more like a futuristic battlefield, and though I like the skirmishes of Battletech, this is changed from a slubfest to a battle of manoeuvre & concentration in Alpha Strike, with terrain playing a more important role.

   Two problems remain. Integrating artillery and infantry into next Tuesdays Mech & Tank game and getting more BT vehicles. John or anyone else have some old BT vehicles I could get from you? Otherwise Epic tanks & Renegade Legion hovers are going to have to be pressed into battle. According to Greg, the ‘fluff’ should have 2 vehicles to 1 Mech ratio in a force. It’s a whole new game !

   I also need to get more pink pom-poms for exploding Mechs & Tanks. “There goes the Atlas. Give him a Pink Tribble”.

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Hope the dice roll high for you…