Saturday, April 11, 2009

Been a while

Well it been a while since I have added something to the blog. Life has a way of getting in the way of doing the blog. so want been happening since Feb, well i have mange to scoop a new full time job, which in this times is hard.So if you are looking for work keep positive and you will get there in the end. The main stuff in the hobby department i have broken down below

1)Been painting my blood Bowl stuff and have about five teams done so far, I will need to get some pics up.

2)I have been doing stuff over the last couple of months for the red guard army for FWC, I have about 30 Vehicles to bases. There has been a delay, as last time in getting the bases I'm using from Milsims, since the FOW bases are out of stock from Battle front. I still have the choas, eldar and the orks to base up yet. I have also manage to get a GZG future war figures, will need more infantry.

3) So I have been doing up WW 1 Naval miniatures by panzerschiffe, nice figures. They are not in the League with GHQ by nice the same. I will also be doing WW2 naval with these figures too.

4)My other projects has been doing WW2 for BKC in 1/300 scale. I have at the moment British and Germans to Bases, but have not set abases size yet. I'm thinking of using CWC bases sizes.

5) I'm trying to finish my CWC stuff, which is USA and USSR. Mainly have the infantry to do and then they will be finish. I have manage to get more modern stuff from a friend so will have British and more early USSR stuff to base.

so at the moment that want going on with the hobby scenes.