Friday, April 1, 2011



Well its been a while, i have been tired up with STEPS again this time on campus.So not much has been down since then. The following uncharted seas stuff has been painted last year, but i had not gotten around to putting up on the site. I have also included the islands I'm been doing as well, they are not finish and still need work to be done on them.

Frist up the islands

fgdgdfg 001fgdgdfg 002fgdgdfg 003fgdgdfg 004fgdgdfg 005

fgdgdfg 006


fgdgdfg 007fgdgdfg 008fgdgdfg 009fgdgdfg 010fgdgdfg 011

fgdgdfg 012fgdgdfg 013fgdgdfg 014fgdgdfg 015


fgdgdfg 016fgdgdfg 017fgdgdfg 018fgdgdfg 019fgdgdfg 020

fgdgdfg 021fgdgdfg 022


Last flyers and sea monsters

fgdgdfg 023fgdgdfg 024fgdgdfg 025fgdgdfg 026fgdgdfg 028 fgdgdfg 027fgdgdfg 029fgdgdfg 030


Now i need to do photos of the terran fleet for FSA