Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The Robots advance

Well I  manage to finish my Necron army. There a couple of items I'm still working on and there will be touch ups. As photos have a way of showing you the mistakes as such. When is started to build the force, the main thing I wanted to get away from was the colour that seams every thinks Necrons should be. So I went with purple being the main colour. Oh when I paint I tend to aim for a mass effect and how it looks from the other side of the table.
Anyways on with the show.

Army shoots

The army had gown since i manage to buy a army, from a guy in Spain. So the figure count went up.
oyrah 013 oyrah 074

War Machines

Well we cover the war machines that the army can used and all of these are simple conversions or proxies.
C’tan- A figure I brought off EBay and now I cant remember the company. The figure is 28mm and so its very large for 6mm. C’tan are gods, so they should be bloody big. So i have no issue with towering over the battlefield.
oyrah 030oyrah 031oyrah 064
Warbarque-  I some time wonder who thinks of the names for theses things, anyways. I have four of them. The two round ones are made from Khazari Droid Controller, with extra turrets stuck on. The next two are Cyber Bike from puppet wars, with extra weapons stuck on.
oyrah 027oyrah 066oyrah 026oyrah 025oyrah 067
Aeonic Orb-  I currently have two of these beasties, again both are made from Khazari Droid Controller, with other components add to the figure. So the red orbs are a pin pong ball and the other is a large marble Surprised
oyrah 028oyrah 029oyrah 065
Tomb Sphynx- The DYRRACHIUM III NECRON TOMB WORLD ARMY LIST allows you to have 2 Tomb Sphynx. So I order are set of puppet wars figures. The figures are no longer for sale and so I can't remember the names of the figures. Again nothing fancy and basically the figure as is.
oyrah 034oyrah 035oyrah 063
Pylon – I have six of these and you can no longer buy the figures. A very straight forward figure to look at, one of them was missing a part, but i manage to fashion a piece that work.
oyrah 032oyrah 033oyrah 070oyrah 063
Abattoir- Most of the pictures I see of this beast are a pyramid and so I through I would be different. I have tried to show wants in side the beast, or want might happen, its still a work in progress and looks a bit clean, I still have more chain to add to the bottom. The main figure is from Puppet wars Cyber Giant Beetle, with parts add to the platform.
oyrah 036oyrah 062oyrah 037

Armoured Vehicles

The Necrons forces have two main vehicles, which follows:
Monolith- I have 32 of these and they are no longer for sale. So I will need to find a proxies that will make a nice stand in, to fill the gaps.
oyrah 018oyrah 019oyrah 020oyrah 021
oyrah 022oyrah 060
Obelisk- The other vehicle in the forces. I stole the idea for the Obelisk of the Tac Forum from leaxe. It is made of two pieces that are both from the 40k Necron range. The two pieces are LYCHGUARD DISPERSION SHIELD and the TRIARCH PRAETORIANS ROD OF COVENANT TOPS. So this allows me the ability to make more if I Need to, although having 40 of them may cover me.
oyrah 014 oyrah 015 oyrah 016 oyrah 017
oyrah 061oyrah 071

The rest of the force

Scarab Swarm- Well i have 24 bases of these, out of the three army list to choose from only two allow you to use these guys as units. The figure are no longer for sale.
 oyrah 023 oyrah 024          
Flayed Ones- I have never been happy, for the proxies people have suggested for these. So i looked around for something else, which lead me to mircworld games web site. I ended up ordering the Owlbears from him. The figures are really nice, i know they are a touch big, but they feel right to prox in for the flayed ones.
 oyrah 038 oyrah 039 oyrah 040 oyrah 057
Destroyers/Heavy Destroyers – I currently have enough figures to do 9 units of 6 figures each. The figure are no longer for sale.
oyrah 041 oyrah 042 oyrah 043 oyrah 044
oyrah 055oyrah 058oyrah 056oyrah 049
Wraiths- These are real nice figures and my paint job doesn't do them justices. They were a pain to put together, since they are small and come in four parts. I have 18 bases, with two figures are base.
oyrah 045 oyrah 046
Tomb Spyders- I have enough of these to do 6 units of 6 figures each, but they mainly be used to add to the infantry. The figures are no longer for sale.
oyrah 047 oyrah 048oyrah 054oyrah 059
oyrah 069
Necron Warrior,Immortals,Pariahs and Necron Lord- The figures i used are from the exodus war range of excellent edenites range. I have the pictures below down in group shoots. So each unit will have necron lord, necron warriors, pariahs and immortals.
oyrah 050 oyrah 051 oyrah 052 oyrah 053               oyrah 068 oyrah 072 oyrah 073
Objective markers- Well these were made from spare bits i had in my spares box.
 oyrah 075 oyrah 076 oyrah 077
Any ways may the dice roll high for you