Monday, June 18, 2012

4050 points of Ironclaw's V’s 4050 points of HOUSE HYPERION KNIGHTWORLD ARMY

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Dean & I had another battle of Epic Armageddon on Monday night down at Britt's. The battle was 4050 points per side and it was the first outing for the House Hyperion Knightworld Army. The game was a hard fought match and was close all the way down the line. Any ways on to the AAR.
Ironclaw Space Marines
4 x Assault Marines units
4 x Tactical Marines units
2 x Whirlwind units
2 x Warhounds packs(2 warhounds per unit),
2 x Predator Anhilator units.
Paladins [500] Six Knights Paladin and a Seneschal Character
Paladins [500] Six Knights Paladin and a Seneschal Character
Paladins [500] Six Knights Paladin and a Seneschal Character
Lancers [500] Six Knights Lancer and a Seneschal Character
Errants [425] five Knights Errant and a Seneschal Character
Crusaders [500] Three Knights Crusader
Crusaders [500] Three Knights Crusader
Warhound [275] one Warhound.
Squires [175] Six Armiger Sentinels (All units in the formation gain the Scout ability)
Squires [175] Six Armiger Sentinels (All units in the formation gain the Scout ability)

They terrain was setup as shown in the pictures below. There was a city on left side mainly and hills surrounding it both sides with a river at the right had end of the city. On the other side of the river was couple of forest, hills and a small building.
monday 001 monday 002 monday 003 monday 004
 Both armies deployed along their base line, with the ironclaws deploying their artillery further back.
monday 005 monday 006 monday 007 monday 008 monday 009 monday 010
The Ironclaw won the initiative and move first their tactical unit to the edge of the city. The first turn was a chance for both side to move troops into position ready for the next turn. There were some failed initiative rolls but nothing that would effect the deployment of key troops to key position. The House Hyperion Knightworld Army sent in the warhound titian to remove some assault marines from the building on the far right, manage to kill two stands. Then the ironclaws more thier two warhounds up to shoot at the knights warhound and manage to take the void shields down and do one hit. Then followed up with a barrage of missiles from the whirlwind unit to place another blast marker. So the knights army move the squire unit up and shoot the assault marine and break it, so the assault marine fall back to behind the hill and basically stay there for nearly the whole game. Then the iron claws send a predator unit to break the knights warhound titian by shooting it. The House Hyperion Knightworld Army was not to be out done, on the left flank it moved up the Three Knights Crusader to a hill and fire at a tactical unit and killed four stands of men and a rhino, almost breaking it. So income the lancers and shoot at the same unit and break it after getting another 3 kills. So the tactical unit flees behind a hill with forest on it. The at end of the turn it was rally time and the warhound with only one wound left failed to rally and so was destroyed out right. The iron claw units that were broken all rallied and most manage to remove blast makers and so do a;; other units on the table.
monday 011 monday 012 monday 013 monday 014 monday 015 monday 016 monday 017 monday 018 monday 019 monday 020 monday 021 monday 022 monday 023 monday 024
The House Hyperion Knightworld Army won the initiative and move the Three Knights Crusader second unit up on a hill on the left side and shot the Titians. Then move the Paladins around the building to the far left and gets on the flank of the warhounds. The shotting is effective but the warhound save every one of the hits.The Ironclaws move units into positions on the right flank. The Hyperion Knightworld Army send in the Errants unit to assault the ironclad warhound unit in close combat. This end up begin a big close combat and firelight action were at least three units per side are involved with the action. The action goes for two rounds and finial the Hyperion Knightworld Army win but at cost, they lose the Errants unit and a Paladin unit. The ironclaws lose the warhound unit, with the supporting units each receiving a blast marker, so at this point the Hyperion Knightworld Army have BTS. Then on the next active the iron claws finish off the Paladin unit. So the Iron claws shoot the broken Paladin unit and it fails its save and they get their BTS. The iron claws also fire missiles at the squire unit and kill 5 bases, breaking unit. Which flees. So on the right had side the iron claw assault marine assault the squire unit and manage to win the combat, after the squires kill two bases. So then Lancer unit seeks revenge and charges the assault marine unit and kill it to a man, not before they take two lancer with them in the process. Then in the end turn only one unit of the Hyperion Knightworld Army rallied.
 monday 025 monday 026 monday 027 monday 028 monday 029 monday 030 monday 036 monday 037 monday 038 monday 039 monday 040 monday 041 monday 042 monday 043 monday 044 monday 045 monday 046 monday 047 monday 048 monday 049 monday 050 monday 051 monday 052 monday 053
 The House Hyperion Knightworld Army won the initiative again and so move the Crusader unit down from the hill on the right side and shoot the warhounds and mange to put down a blast marker and a take down a void shield. So then a Paladin unit moves up and shoots the Warhounds through cover etc, only managing to take down a shield. The iron claws move into tactical unit into position and then double move the predators around to shoot the Paladin unit that shot the Warhounds. The Paladin unit on overwatch shot and missed the target manage put a blast marker on the predators. The predators then shoot the paladin unit and manage to do a few hits, which the Paladin unit fails to save and they break and flee the battle for the city. The House Hyperion Knightworld Army then move the Paladin unit moves into assault the predator tanks(we didn’t stop this, we forgot that the unit had done over watch and so had done its action), wins the fight with no problems. So the predator tanks wipe out and the support units take a blast marker each. So at this point the game marine basically move units into support positions and then the game comes to a end due to time running out

monday 054 monday 055 monday 056 monday 057 monday 058 monday 059 monday 060 monday 061 monday 062 monday 063 monday 064 monday 065 monday 066 monday 067 monday 068 monday 069 monday 070
Dean got a much deserved victory of 2 VP to the Marines 1. An excellent game, and we all had a good time. anyways may the dice roll high.