Monday, March 5, 2012

First Naval battle for DWs

To be different this time, Britt came over to my place and we had our first DW’s naval battle.
The forces for the game
The forces were as follows
1) FSA Fleet.
1-Enterprise Class Dreadnought
1-Independence Class Battleship
6-Lexington Class Cruisers
8-Augusta Class Frigates
3-Princeton Class Gunship
2) EotBS Fleet
1-Hachiman Class Dreadnought
1-Sokotsu Class Battleship
6-Nakatsu Class Cruisers
8-Uwatsu Class Frigates
3-Tanuki Class Gunship
The terrain set up
The terrain was set up as follows, there was a set of inlands on the low left side. Then inlands scattered around the rest of the board. The right side was were there was a clear ocean view.
The Battle
Turn 1
Well the start of the battle every one moved forward, with lots of rocket fire from EotBS fleet, with not much effect. The poor Hachiman Class Dreadnought was taking a pounding from the FSA forces it was facing, but most of the EotBS fleet, went untouched
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Turn 2
The second turn did go well for the EotBS they lost a 6 out of 8 Uwatsu Class Frigates, with the Hachiman Class Dreadnought taking more damage, the great moment was went it teleported forward 11”inches and move out of the way of the Enterprise Class Dreadnought, although a different dice roll could have see a few collisions. Mean while the Sokotsu Class Battleship went after the Augusta Class Frigates unit in front of it.
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Turn 3
The Tanuki Class Gunship manage to have a nice round of shooting and manage to sink a Lexington Class Cruiser and basically did damage to each ship. At this point the Hachiman Class Dreadnought slipped beneath the waves, it took three turns of shooting from the following units to sink it, Enterprise Class Dreadnought, 3 Lexington Class Cruisers, 3 Princeton Class Gunship and 4 Augusta Class Frigates. Not bad its just that the EotBS, could not caperlized on it with the other units in question.Mean while the Sokotsu Class Battleship kept pounding the poor Augusta Class Frigates that were making a tactical retreat.Also basically the EotBS manages to high the Independence Class Battleship hard and start to pile on the damage. The FSA manage to sink 2 Nakatsu Class Cruisers
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Turn 4
The last turn, basically the EotBS manages to high the Independence Class Battleship hard and start to pile on the damage, but cant get it to sink. The EotBS manage not to do much else. The FSA  sink the last  Nakatsu Class Cruisers.Mean while the Sokotsu Class Battleship makes sure there are no survivors from the Augusta Class Frigates unit it was pounding. Well at this point the FSA have a major victory.
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Well interesting game, must remember to take notes.
May the dice roll high