Friday, November 20, 2009


Been a while again since i lasted add to my blog. I have been happly painting 28mm Acients from Wargames Factory. They are based on a 25mm front and depth will be either 25mm or 50mm.All bases are Litko(nice base to use). I have also manage to make 4 units of Roman Auxl from the range of Wargames Factory figures.

The below can be used for the following rules
  1. Warhammer Acients Battles.
  2. Crusader Rules
  3. Armies of Arcana

Full shot of every thing painted so far

Command stands
The Roman Auxl were made from the roman body,shield and head from the roman Auxl cavarly boxs set.

Creatan archers below, I need about 10 more and thats should cover it.

I'm still tring to get the right skin cover for the Numidians, so there is a trail and error. I guess I do like the colour now, but it may need to be lighter then it is now.

Any ways hope you enjoy, i'm not the worlds greatest painter, but i'm happy with the end results.