Monday, April 30, 2012

Massacre at Galena, EA battle

Been a while but final manage to have a game. Any way Britt did the report and i took the pictures
The Crusade had been going well. Three Squat cities had already fallen, and while resistance was increasing, it had to be admitted that the Space Marine Command was suffering from arrogance when it considered the taking of Galena. The huge sprawling city was protected by numerous War Machines while the Titans the Marines did have were in use elsewhere. All that courage and determination could do was done. It wasn’t enough.” Cmdr. Falkenberg
   That was the backdrop for last nights 4000 points/side Epic Armageddon Battle. Greg GM’d the game while Dean’s Squats fought it out with my Space Marines. The centre of the board was dominated by the burnt out city of Galena, while both flanks were rolling hilly terrain. (Beautifully done: See pics at Greg’s Blog site). Dean’s Squat Forces consisted of (I believe) a Leviathan and a Colossus War Machines,  2 Megacannon, Bikes, AA Guns, Warriors, Thudd Guns,  Berserkers,  & Hearth guard. I operated  a Strike Cruiser with 3 drop pod Tactical Marine units, 2 other Tacticals, 2 Whirlwinds, 2 Devastators, a Terminator, 2 Predators, & 2 Scout units. The Space Marines would ideally blast and then take the central objective with drop pods. Meanwhile the scouts, reinforced with the armor & artillery, would hold my side of the board and maybe even slip over to take one of the other objectives. Dean was mainly worried about having to ‘march all the way across the board to kill the enemy’. His analysis proved much closer to reality than mine!
TURN 1: SM’s won the toss and moved first. The Strike Cruiser bombarded the central objective, killing a Thunderfire AA gun. Three Marine Tacticals landed by Drop Pod, one narrowly missing the table edge. In the ensuing shooting they kill off a few Mole Mortars & Thunderers.  Squat response was quick & deadly.  A nearby Leviathan filled with Berserkers attacks 2 of the dropped Marines and destroys them since they were unable to retreat.
  A Whirlwind kills a Thudd gun, but in response, the Megacannon kills 2 Predators and disrupts 2 units. On the south flank Devastators move up to aid their Marine colleagues while on the north A Tac Marine moves up toward his Drop Pod fellow Marines. A Colossus destroys the remains of a Predator Tank unit. Other Marine units are moving up through the city to get to their stranded fellows, but its obvious help will come too late, Whirlwinds repeatedly bombard the Hearth guard with no effect.
TURN 2: The SM’s again move first, reinforcing a Scout unit now being attacked by Bikes in the south. The Megacannon destroys 1 Whirlwind and puts 3 blast Markers on the unit. The Leviathan badly damages another Tac unit, killing 2 stands while the Colossus kills 2 more Predators.
   A Tac in the centre attacks a large unit of Thunderers supported by Mole Mortars near the “Blitzkrieg’ objective. Outnumbered over 2 to one, they ALMOST pull it off. The sole surviving stand retreats. Most of the other Marine activations are Marshall, just trying to remove blast markers.
   Squat Berserkers move up on the North flank to secure one of their objectives. More ineffective Whirlwind attacks on the Hearth Guard. Devastators launch one last attack against Warriors to their front near the central objective. It routs the Warriors, but little is left of the Dev’s.
   Seeing that the Squats can now move forward at will, the Marine commander sounds recall, and the survivors retreat to Landing Zone ‘Gamma”. The Battle for Galena is over. SQUAT VICTORY.
   Excellent game Dean. Let me know whenever you’d like a rematch. I MIGHT want to change my force composition the next time though! J Thanks also to Greg for GMing, setting up the terrain, and finding the ‘little rules’ that mean so much when you’re trying out new forces and techniques (like Drop Pods). Defeated or not, I had a wonderful night playing Epic Armageddon and I hope to have many more.
Table Layout
help 003 help 004 help 005
First Turn
 help 006 help 007 help 008 help 009 help 010 help 011 help 012 help 013 help 014 help 015 help 016 help 017 help 018 help 019 help 020 help 021 help 022 help 023 help 024 help 025
Second Turn
help 026 help 027 help 028 help 029 help 030 help 031 help 032 help 033 help 034 help 035 help 036 help 037 help 038 help 039 help 040 help 041
Hope your dice roll high.

Saturday, April 7, 2012



Well it been a while and I have finish the new arrivals for the FSA and EotBS. So here we are then

kklkklkllklkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk 003 kklkklkllklkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk 004 kklkklkllklkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk 005 kklkklkllklkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk 006 kklkklkllklkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk 007

Any ways hope the dice roll high