Monday, November 7, 2011

HotT Battle


Well last night down at Britt's we played a HotT game, as the norm Britt wrote the report and i took the pictures.

The King is dead. But hours ago King Trantos headed the Chivalry of Aquilonia in battle against the Undead Hordes that have recently erupted from the wilds of Pictland. Now ‘The Golden Lion’  banner of Aquilonia flutters at half mast in memory of our gallant dead. The Undead Hordes were triumphant! 

   The battle started well.  While greatly outnumbered, our Bossonian longbows destroyed the Giant Rat behemoths on our left flank as the pride of Aquilonian chivalry smashed the Undead Swordsmen and drove them from the central hills. Even the Mercenary Riders on the right stood up to the Undead Knights like heroes and pushed them back. But our brave King was too bold, and while he almost killed the Undead Lord in single combat on the central hill, King Trantos was eventually forced back and slain. With his death, the fighting spirit left the Aquilonian Army. Prince Stanos rallied the men as best he could, but the battle was lost. He regrouped the men at Halliffia Pass. There would be other battles with these Undead Hordes, and next time Aquilonia would be avenged!

   Greg & Trent’s 28mm 72 point  Undead Hordes faced my Aquilonian army tonight in a very beautiful and exciting ‘Hordes of the Things’ battle. A group of 4 hills diagonally bisected the battlefield with a small forest on the far edge of each flank. Greg was the defender and deployed his Undead Hordes and Graveyard Holdfast as my Aquilonians with Knights, Riders, Spears & Bowmen moved forward in 3 hosts to destroy them.  There was heavy fighting across the battlefield, with heavy losses. My Knightly King just kept winning, and advancing after combat. I’d have liked to pull him back, but there was nowhere to do so. Finally he was forced back with no where to go. The Golden Lion banner was seen to waver, and then go down, surrounded by Undead Hordes. Many of his companion Knights had met a similar fate, and the loss of the King spelt the end of Aquilonian fortunes in this battle. There would be others, next Monday to be exact! See you guys then as Aquilonia tries to redeem its tarnished honour! Great game tonight and good fun. Greg & Trent deserved their victory.

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Anyway enjoy and may the dice roll high for you.



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