Thursday, January 28, 2010

Another update on paint war games factory 28mm figures

Another update on painting the 28mm stuff i have gotten from wargames factory. This time i have manage to do 180 foot, 24 mounted and 6 chairots. Enjoy


  1. It looks like you're using the wood varnish dip for these guys (as am I). You may want to consider mopping up a little bit of it on the shields, where it seems to be really gathering. Your collection is very impressive, by the way.

  2. What game are these being used for?

  3. Thanks for the feedback, I wasn't to worry buy the shields. I will be buying transfers to add to the shields down the track. As always money the issue.
    Graham they will be use for the following
    1. Warhammer Ancients Battles.
    2. Crusader Rules
    3. Armies of Arcane