Sunday, October 18, 2009

Future War Commander: Skirmish game

Well another game of FWC Skirmish, this game was done in my shed and it was a test game for my second youngest, so that he could get a feel for the rules etc. It very hard to take pictures and write down notes and the play the game at the same time.

The forces consented of the following and were the same for both sides

1 CO

2 HQ

3 fire teams with chain gun

3 normal troops

3 walkers with different weapons fits, which were a chain gun, lasers and flamer.

Sliver team

Blue Team

The battle field had the following lay out.


The first two turns nothing happens much with both sides moving and troops and then failing their next roll to get them to do anything. The only highlight was the blue team walker with laser nearly killing the silver teams walker with laser. The following shots give general view of the battle field were not much movement was happening.

The next four turns were more movement and with long range shooting on walkers since both sides saw them as magor threat to there infantry force. There were some highlights, like both sides rolling double ones and taking two turns of shooting, only to find thats it was ineffective. The blue team rolled 12 dices and not hits and the silver team rolled 12 dice and one hit, which was saved. The sliver team rolled a blunder and was forces to move his force a full move towards the blue team force on the right flank. The below shots were of the short range fire fight, were for the next two turns hot lead flew between the forces.Then the blue team assulated a squad of infantry in the same place in the ruins and won the combat. The next turn the blue team destoryed a walker and thats took care of the walker with the flamer and sliver team killed the blue infantry squd. So seeing the distrucation of his squd, the hq and the walker charged the sliver walker, very confainted thats they would win.The first around of the assulted end it in a draw, so another round was done and the sliver team was the winner, the blue team lost thier hq and the walker was forces back, and the blue force took command test on the unit under the hq command and they all failed and felded the field.

The next three truns saw the long range shooting containued and the blue team lost another walker to the long range fire. So turn 12 started and the sliver team rolled two command blunders in the turn and then failed on the CO roll and then i rolled and all my commands did nothing. So on the next turn. the sliver team tagerted the CO of the blue team and killed him after three truns of shooting. So once he had done that and the faailed on his CO roll it was over to me. So the blue team made a command roll for the force to stay and rolled 11. Game over victory to the sliver team. I got my butt kicked by my second younest

The sliver team won, since i went over the number i need to test moral and i rolled a 11 on the command roll.. The pictures below show the casuality for both sides., as you can see not close at all

Any ways till next time , have fun, may the dice roll high for you.

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