Friday, September 5, 2014

Review of Pyrkol Tokens


I have been looking at get some tokens since I'm tire of the blue beads we use and it has been on my to do list as such. I had been looking around but nothing jump out at me up front. I had been watch theses guys and was very impress in want they had been doing. so I finally go around to placing a order with Pyrkol and ordered the following after checking items out online, by their Facebook page.

6 packs of Damaged Shield Markers token sets
6 packs of Pyrkol Blast Markers Token set
6 packs of Vehicle Hull Points Marker Set
6 packs of Flame Smoke Markers Token set
6 packs of Micro Fire Markers token set

friday 003

I basically got the following numbers, since we do 5000 point per-side games of epic here and thought that the numbers would cover a 10000 point per side game. So place order and I was kept in the loop on want was happen, which was good. So on Thursday the postage guy delivery a parcel. I checked the contents to make sure all was there and it was, with two extra's in with the order. I decided to use the Pyrkol Blast Markers, Micro Fire Markers and Flame Smoke Markers as blast markers for our games and by the looks they will do the job nicely. 

I found the product to be package well and the ability to reuse the bags is nice. The assembly instructions were clean and easy to understand. The quality of the product was to a very high standard, no flash, so no cleaning. You will need some glue to put the items together.

  • Ok lets start with the blast template, these have not been release yet. They are really really nice and I hope he sells them in pack so three….product is to a very high standard

friday 006review 015review 017review 014

  • Large blast template, same as the Blast template but only bigger, again I really like design …product is to a very high standard(These have not been release yet)

review 016

  • Damaged Shield Markers token sets on W/E. These are a nicely design token, simple, but effective…

friday 007review 003

  • Vehicle Hull Points Marker Set , with Damaged Shield Markers. The Vehicle Hull Points Marker are want I'm going to use to mark DC damage on W/E’s.

friday 008review 004

  • Micro Fire Markers. These got the most use today in our game and they worked well and I was happy on how they handle the abuse they got. I had few drop on the concert floor and no damage to report..

friday 009review 002

  • Pyrkol Blast Markers Token and Micro Fire Markers.

friday 010

  • Pyrkol Blast Markers Token and Micro Fire Markers and Flame Smoke Markers.

friday 011

  • Pyrkol Blast Markers Token and Flame Smoke Markers.

friday 012

  • The following shoots are the tokens , shown next to very, very, very,very small selection of my epic collection. Oh sorry about the paint jobs…Embarrassed smile

review 005review 006review 007review 008review 009review 010review 011review 012review 013

Over all very very happy with the product,  and their first outing they did there job vey well. there are more pictures over here showing the tokens in action




  1. Love the tokens, really add to the game :)

  2. They sure did :-)..

    Glad I finally got around to getting some and will be used in them in all my epic games...