Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Epic "Battle of Xeno Ruins", May 29


Any ways last night a 4000 point a side of epic was played between the Armorbreaker W/E list and the Ironclaws Space marine forces. Anyways a few words from the Space marine commander………

The “Xeno Ruins” east of Alabaster Lake are like 2 giant anthills made by some long-forgotten race of intelligent insects. It was also the place of a hard fought battle between the Adamentine Guild of the Kaldrak Armorbreakers (Greg) and the Ironclaw Chapter of the Space Marines (Trent & Britt) in 42,013. The battle was truly memorable for several reasons:

* It was the first use of multiple (three) Terminator units in a 4000 point army. While they caused damage and destruction turn one, they ultimately had only one surviving stand left from the 12 that went in.

* Massive losses by the Ironclaws. They just couldn’t seem to get the damage needed to take out the huge Squat War Engines. We started the game with 13 Marine activations and finished with about half of that..

* We got in a full 4 turns. In truth, the Ironclaw’s were winning 2 to 1 at the end of turn 3, but by turn 4 that had changed to a 0 to 2 loss. Game ended at 11PM..

* First clear victory for the Kaldrak using this army list. They wisely abandoned their Land Train.
* First BTS with the loss of a Warhound Unit. These usually get shot up pretty badly, but until tonight, always somehow survived.

Tonight’s game was excellent , with lots of fun, strategy, tension, and laughter. I look forward to my next Epic Armageddon game.

Army lists

Iron claws forces:
1 Tactical Detachment
3 Terminator Detachment(two units had chaplains)
2 Scouts Detachment
4 Predators Detachment
5 Warhounds Titans

Armorbreaker forces

2 Colossus

3 Overlord squad(1 overlord)

2 Rockbreaker League

1 Goliath mega-cannon battery

1 Leviathan &1 Hearthguard & 8 Warriors and upgrade of thunders

1 Cyclops…

1 Khondgin Trikers

1 iron eagle squadron

The Game

so click on the link. That is under each turn heading, so you see want happen in that turn…..

Turn 1

Turn 2

Turn 3

Turn 4

Victory Conditions

1. Blitz no no
2. Break their sprit no Yes
3. Defend the Flag no Yes
4. Take and Hold no no
5. They Shall not Pass no no
Total 0

A very interesting game. It was nice to get the extra turn and claw back the game to a win.
Any ways may the dices roll high for you.

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