Monday, May 20, 2013

Battle of Brue Plains, Epic Armageddon


Well manage to get a game in today, so did a 4000 points game…….I started by about 12:30pm and had manage to have it finish by 3pm…Which is pretty good going….


Fir Iolarion Titan Clan (NetEA Army Compendium v20120208 *EXPERIMENTAL*)

PHANTOM TITAN [750] 2 Titan Pulsar
WARLOCK TITAN [850] Power Fist, Fusion Lance
REVENANT TITAN HOST [650] Revenant Pulse Lasers, 2 Revenant Titan
REVENANT TITAN HOST [650] Revenant Pulse Lasers, 2 Revenant Titan
REVENANT TITAN HOST [650] Revenant Sonic Lances,2 Revenant Titan
RANGER TROUPE [150] 6 Ranger
GUARDIAN TROUPE [300] 5 Guardian Units, 5 Support Weapon units

Armorbreaker forces

1 Colossus
1 Overlord squad (two overlords)
1 Rockbreaker League
1 Goliath mega-cannon battery
1  Leviathan &1 Hearthguard & 8 Warriors.
1  Land Train, 3 Dragon Battle Cars and 3 Berserker Battle Car
1 Gravebellows League.
1 Sky sweepers unit.
2 Iron hawk recon squadron
1 Cyclops…
1 Azdak sappers…

Well the turn section is like the last AAR done, so click on the link. That is under each turn heading, so you see want happen in that turn…..

Turn 1

Turn 2

Turn 3

Turn 4


Victory Conditions

Victory Condition Fir Iolarion Titan Clan ARMORBREAKER WAR ENGINE LIST
1. Blitz no no
2. Break their sprit Yes no
3. Defend the Flag Yes no
4. Take and Hold no no
5. They Shall not Pass Yes Yes
Total 3

The end result doesn't tell the whole story, there were a few turns when the Fir Iolarion Titan Clan thought they would be over run by squats, but they manage to hold on and having some luck help to….

May the dice roll high for you….



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