Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Epic Armageddon, 1 May

Few words from the SM commander:::
We all had a wonderful time in this very enjoyable yet very tense game. The Squats presented the Ironclaws with a great number of Tactical problems that , it was hoped,, the air assets & Terminators would solve.,  Not so. While their Assault units in the ThunderHawk nearly pulled off their attack  on a Goliath War Engine, it wasn’t quite enough. Dean kept up the pressure all during the game. He came within an ace of taking out our BTS Warhound unit, crossed over into Marine turf in several places, and  we had to sacrifice unit after unit to slow down their advance. In the end it was a draw, with both sides more than pleased to get even that.
While Greg will give you a much better AAR, memorable moments for me occurred when: *The poor cursed Squat Land Train missed several activation rolls and did little most of the game. * My Tactical units attacked Squat Gyrocopters. They missed, but both my Rhinos hit!.* Greg throwing three 1’s in an attack! * The worry Dean caused us with his Gyrocopters.* Squat Bikes circling the Mega-cannons for protection.*  My Scouts holding out for so long or Greg’s Tactical unit holding the reactor despite the odds. Some good laughs and fine gaming all through the game.
Thanks for another great Epic game Greg & Dean. Trent will be disappointed he couldn’t try out all the “super-troops”.

Army lists

Iron claws forces:
2 Assault Detachment
1 ThunderHawk Gunship
2 Tactical Detachment
1 Terminator Detachment
2 Scouts Detachment
3 Predators Detachment
1 Scout Detachment with Sniper and Hunter..
5 Warhounds Titans
Armorbreaker forces
1 Colossus
1 Overlord squad (two overlords)
1 Rockbreaker League
1 Goliath mega-cannon battery
1  Leviathan &1 Hearthguard & 8 Warriors.
1  Land Train, 3 Dragon Battle Cars and 3 Berserker Battle Car
1 Gravebellows League.
1 Sky sweepers unit.
2 Iron hawk recon squadron
1 Cyclops…
1 Azdak sappers…
I’m doing something different this time, in that I have the pictures setup, so they have comments underneath them explaining wants going on in the picture. So by clicking the arrow on the right side, on each picture it will take you to the next picture. So you need do is click on the link under each turn heading, it will show the fist picture of that turn. I have done it this way so that it’s broken down and not one long run of pictures of the whole battle. I did take 105 pictures for the battle. So thought this was the best way of doing it……..
Turn 1
Turn 2
Turn 3

Victory Conditions

1. Blitz no no
2. Break their sprit no no
3. Defend the Flag no no
4. Take and Hold no no
5. They Shall not Pass no no
Total 0
A very interesting game, another turn may have well seen the squats up by 1, since they had just about achieved BTS.
Any ways may the dices roll high for you.

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