Friday, December 21, 2012


Well I did say I would pop shoots up of the Proxie Models that have brought this year and I must say I was happy with the product and service that I received from the company. ok couple of things:
They will suit epic well, IMHO, the 15mm Gothic Building are a small 15mm scale or true 15mm.
They paint nice and easy.
They are easy to cut up to make ruin buildings.They don’t come with a roof

I brought the following types of buildings from the company.
Ruined 15mm Brick Building
15mm Gothic Building
15 mm Modern/sci fi wall sprues
15mm Wall sprues expansion
The 15mm Gothic Building below were cut and glued together to make ruins, also sections from 15 mm Modern/sci-fi wall sprues and 15mm Wall sprues expansion were used. In the pictures below you will also see the Ruined 15mm Brick Building, I had enough to make three ruins as such from want I order. I used more than one sprue in their creation, while with others I didn't, for the ruin buildings.
fgertertertertert 001 fgertertertertert 002  fffdfgdfg 001 fffdfgdfg 002 fffdfgdfg 003 fffdfgdfg 004 fffdfgdfg 005 fffdfgdfg 006 fffdfgdfg 007 fffdfgdfg 008 fffdfgdfg 009
These are all 15mm Gothic Building, that I did a whole buildings. I used more than one sprue in their creation, while with others I didn't. I didn't worry about the windows and one of them still needs to be put on a bases.
 fffdfgdfg 010 fffdfgdfg 011 fffdfgdfg 012 fffdfgdfg 013 fffdfgdfg 014 fffdfgdfg 015 fffdfgdfg 016 fffdfgdfg 017  
May the dice roll high for you.

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