Wednesday, December 19, 2012



As we know when they did epic 40k, the box set came with plastic ruins. I have manage to buy a few sets of the plastic ruin sprues of EBay and I have put them together and gave the  basic black and grey paint job. After using the item for 12 months this way, I final got around to adding few more steps to the terrain. Its amazing how a camera will show the bloody mistakes that you make or the spots you miss. Anyways on with the pictures

asasasasas 003 asasasasas 004 asasasasas 005

asasasasas 006 asasasasas 007 asasasasas 008 asasasasas 009

asasasasas 010 asasasasas 011 asasasasas 012 asasasasas 013

Well a nice short one, I’m going to do a full shot of all the proxies building I brought this year too. Once I go over the building and do touch ups etc.



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