Friday, October 28, 2011

Warmachine 2 player box starter


Well I have manage to paint the start forces from the two player box set( I brought the other forces from EBay since Dean took the Menths). Any ways on with the show.

Khador forces

k;lkl;l;l;lk;l;lk;lk;l;l 001k;lkl;l;l;lk;l;lk;lk;l;l 002k;lkl;l;l;lk;l;lk;lk;l;l 003k;lkl;l;l;lk;l;lk;lk;l;l 005k;lkl;l;l;lk;l;lk;lk;l;l 006k;lkl;l;l;lk;l;lk;lk;l;l 007k;lkl;l;l;lk;l;lk;lk;l;l 008

Menoth forces

k;lkl;l;l;lk;l;lk;lk;l;l 009k;lkl;l;l;lk;l;lk;lk;l;l 010k;lkl;l;l;lk;l;lk;lk;l;l 011k;lkl;l;l;lk;l;lk;lk;l;l 012k;lkl;l;l;lk;l;lk;lk;l;l 013k;lkl;l;l;lk;l;lk;lk;l;l 014k;lkl;l;l;lk;l;lk;lk;l;l 015k;lkl;l;l;lk;l;lk;lk;l;l 016k;lkl;l;l;lk;l;lk;lk;l;l 017

I will pick up a few other items for the forces but that will be later on, after a few games with the above forces. May the dice roll high


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