Monday, October 31, 2011

Battletech Report


Well finally got a game in on Monday night with Britt, any ways he wrote the report and i took the pictures.

   Greg & Trent arrived at 7PM for our much delayed Battletech rematch. It turned out to be a Halloween horror story of its own as “Trent’s Terrors”, a  200 ton Merc force employed by House Davion, attempted to defend Carson’s World from a similar force of ‘Sharp Shooters” from House Marik.

Trent’s Terrors:  Cicada, Zeus, & Awesome.

Sharpshooters: Atlas, Two Hunchbacks.

   The battlefield was a long valley with a stream on either side with a tall promontory called Patch’s Peak on the northern end. It was here that Trent’s Terrors deployed, with the Sharpshooters coming in from the south.

   As the Sharpshooters advanced up the valley, with the Atlas in the lead, the Terrors dispatched the Cicada down the eastern flank under cover of a light wood there. This forced the Sharpshooters to peel off one of the Hunchbacks (Grey Ghost) to reverse and deal with this threat. This proved a much tougher assignment than envisioned!  Both the Atlas & the other Hunchback (Blackie) now began to take damage from the Zeus & Awesome atop Patch’s Peak and in wooded cover, but suffered only lightly though they did no damage in return.  Grey Ghost got some solid hits into the Cicada’s Centre torso, but return PPC fire proved deadly as two critical engine hits rendered Grey Ghost “walking wounded”. A charge attack was easily avoided as well. The main column of the Sharpshooters moved on, seeking cover at the base of Patch’s Peak, but this proved only moderately effective. Both sides scored some telling damage on the other.

   The Cicada, seeing the wounded Hunchback no threat to the defenders on the Peak, raced to rejoin its friends. But Grey Ghost still had some teeth, if no legs and a lucky shot at the departing Cicada caused an ammo explosion that was both beautiful and horrible to behold.

   Back on top of the Peak, things had gotten ‘up close and personal’. The Black Hunchback & Atlas ascended to the top and the dirty business of point blank firing took its toll. Blackie lost its AC20, and a lot of armor.  Even the Atlas was taking hits at an alarming rate. But the Awesome keeled over from hits, and then the Zeus, fighting heroically to the end, at last fell to the Atlas.

   Victory, but a very costly one. Neither Hunchback would be operational again without extensive repairs, and even the mighty Atlas had shed as much armor as it had left. With a toast of respect to their fallen foes, the Sharpshooters shambled north to claim their prize.

   Excellent nights gaming Greg & Trent. Most enjoyable.

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Any ways may the dice roll high for you


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