Sunday, February 10, 2013



Well I keep going on with the buildings for my city board and are slowly amassing a nice little collection.

Well I had a a couple of building from the Space marine game and I was not happy with the card board. So I manage to replace it with plastic and I used the Proxie Models 15 mm Modern/sci fi wall sprues. Then there are two form building from……………….

dfres 009 dfres 010 dfres 011 dfres 012 dfres 013

The next set of shoots are some terrain I did for my Necrons. Basically its liko bases stacked on each other and other parts add. Then paint as you see in the pictures.

 dfres 014 dfres 015 dfres 016 dfres 017 dfres 018 dfres 019 dfres 020 dfres 021

I have been trying some different ways of making ruin building for my project. So I can up with the following All I'm using are War-games Factory sprue, wall filler, and stuff from the spares box and other house items. So the pictures below, to show some of the items. I have two more finish and four waiting to be done.The tall one in the shots below will need to have a fine spray of black done in the crack to cover up the yellow.

dfres 022 dfres 023 dfres 024 dfres 025 dfres 026

I still have more to go but this will help in covering the table.


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