Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Battle of Ironbottom Reef, 18 Feb.

Greg, Trent, & I had a very close, and very desperate, Uncharted Seas game last night. Admiral Trent commanded the Shroud Mage Flagship, Medium Cruiser and Frigate squadrons while Vice Admiral Britt commanded 2 Battleships and the Heavy Cruiser squadron. Our orders were to patrol the islands off Iron bottom Reef for suspected Iron Dwarf incursions.
About 7PM, during driving rain, Admiral Greg's Iron Dwarf fleet, accompanied by 2 airships, was sighted. Admiral Trent signalled "Close with and destroy the enemy". The battle was on!
Stay alert for Greg's detailed AAR and nice photos as usual. In the end, the airships did massive damage to the SM flagship, and the ID Battleship finished it off. Admiral Trent fighting bravely until the end. This left only the badly damaged Iron Dwarf BB and my 2 BB's remaining. The Iron Dwarf BB faded into a rainstorm while the SM BB's conduct rescue operations in an attempt to find Admiral Trent.
An excellent, and incredibly close, fight. Thanks fellows for braving the foul weather to come out for a game. Monday was the first time I've played a game in a month, and I greatly missed it. I love Uncharted Seas for its simplicity and cleanness...or maybe I just enjoy ramming things!
My detail report hey, ummmmm, I forgot to take notes Tongue out. So sorry no report, but you have some nice pictures instead.
The best memories:
Having the Shroud Mage Heavy Cruiser ramming the Iron Dwarf cruiser and rolling double one on the critical chart and been sunk by the explosion.
The other was watching the air ship drop it bombs to do no damage to the Shroud Mage FlagshipEmbarrassed
Then having the Shroud Mage battleship causing enough hits on a airship for a Critical roll and rolling double one again. There was some tense moments on the Shroud Mage Flagship.Sarcastic
Rolling three time to see who won the initiative, that's after the Iron Dwarfs used a card that gave them a plus three.I dont know
The best was having the two Shroud Mage players worrying who was going to get prompted.Open-mouthed

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Anyways till next time, may the dice roll high for you.

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