Monday, July 2, 2012

Epic Armageddon “Battle of Shanton” 3/07/2012

On Monday night me and Trent went down to Britt's for a game of epic.

Forces were as follows:

The Ironclaw Space Marines Task Force

4 Warhound Titans,
1  Assault platoons,
6 Predator Annihilator platoons
3 Tactical Marine platoons.

Legio Gryphonicus
WARLORD TITAN [1050]  2 Quake Cannon, 2 Plasma Destructor, Veteran Princeps

REAVER TITAN [825] 2 Quake Cannon, Laser Blaster, Legate
WARHOUND TITAN PACK [525] 2 Vulcan Megabolter, 2 Plasma Blastgun, Veteran Princeps
WARHOUND TITAN PACK [525] Veteran Princeps, 2 Plasma Blastgun, 2 Vulcan Megabolter
WARHOUND TITAN PACK [525] Veteran Princeps, 2 Vulcan Megabolter, 2 Plasma Blastgun
FORGE KNIGHTS [375] 6 Forge Knights
RECON PLATOON [100] 4 Sentinels
RECON PLATOON [100] 4 Sentinels


The board layout was as follows, on the Left side of the table there was a row of hills that run to the iron claws base line.There was a city in the middle of the board roughly and on the Right side there were forest road and a steep hill.

monday 4000 001 monday 4000 002


The deployment of the Iron claws on the right was one of parade ground parking close and in neat line, while the left side was one of open deployment and spaced to minimised artillery losses. The  Legio Gryphonicus deployed along the base line evenly in groups.

monday 4000 003 monday 4000 004 monday 4000 005 monday 4000 006


The Legio Gryphonicus won the initiative on the first turn. So move the forge world warhounds to the objective near the steep hill. Then they retain the initiative and decided to roll the warlord next and rolled a one. So it move forward 15cms. The Iron Claws started to move forward and shoot the warhounds that were near the objective by the steep hill, they manage to break the warhound unit and it flees back behind the forest. The Legio Gryphonicus move warhounds into positions to be ready next turn. The Iron claws started to focus on the Warlord on the right flank and start to wear it down. The rest of the Turn was mainly moving units into position for the next turn. The Legio Gryphonicus didn't rally the broken warhounds, but manage to remove all their blast markers. The Iron claws were right in moving all their blast markers.

monday 4000 007 monday 4000 008 monday 4000 009 monday 4000 010 monday 4000 011 monday 4000 012 monday 4000 013 monday 4000 014 monday 4000 015 monday 4000 016


The iron claws won the initiative and so on the right flank it started to focus on the warlord titian again and wear it down again. So the Legio Gryphonicus move it warhounds on the right flank between the forest, and city to give support to the warlord and then shooting the Predator. Wiping then out to the last man. The warlord Titian tried to retain the initiative and rolled a one and so shot a another Predator unit, Wiping then out to the last man. The iron claws move units positions to assault the scouts in the city. The number of units the iron claws could active was starting to show. They focus on the warlord with most of there spare units and killed the Warlord. It took a warhound unit to finish the job.The iron claws poured in 1500 points of units to kill the warlord. The end phase most units rallied and just about all blast markers were removed.

monday 4000 018 monday 4000 019 monday 4000 020 monday 4000 021 monday 4000 022 monday 4000 023 monday 4000 024 monday 4000 025 monday 4000 026 monday 4000 027 monday 4000 028 monday 4000 029 monday 4000 030 monday 4000 031 monday 4000 032 monday 4000 033 monday 4000 034 monday 4000 035 monday 4000 036 monday 4000 037 monday 4000 038 monday 4000 039 monday 4000 040


The iron claws won the initiative and on the right flank moved in for the final kill and all that was left on that flank was a sentail scout unit and 3 warhounds. They poured fire into the unit and didn’t kill it and so wasted 1325 points trying to kill it. The warhound unit almost broke the green iron claws warhound unit, one of the warhounds suffer a critical hit and staged 6 cms towards the forest. On the left flank the Predator units were dying like flies, the warhounds and reaver were doing their jobs. The iron claws manage to break the warhounds and they flee. The reaver steps up and wipes out the predator unit. The iron Tactical unit assaults the reaver and loses by one pip. It didn’t help that the reaver only scored one hit with 6 rolls. The iron claws manage to kill the last forge world warhound titian on the right flank.

monday 4000 041 monday 4000 042 monday 4000 043 monday 4000 044 monday 4000 045 monday 4000 046 monday 4000 047 monday 4000 048 monday 4000 049 monday 4000 050


The Titians win the initiative and move want units they have left. There was some shooting and not much gain by it. The turn was short since the Iron claws had won 3-0. They got BTS, DTF and TSNP. The Titians manage to contest a objective and so manage to save take and hold.

monday 4000 051 monday 4000 052 monday 4000 053 monday 4000 054 monday 4000 055 monday 4000 056 monday 4000 057 monday 4000 058

A good game with plenty happening mainly on the right flank. The Titians needed more activations and it didn’t help that the warlord sat around and basically did nothing for 2 turns.May the dice roll high


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