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Epic Armageddon, 19 July


Today Britt pop over for a game of epic at my place, anyways i have include, a pieces from his email below.

“Greg & I had a great game of Epic Armageddon down at his place today. We got down to the main event.: Mymeara Craftworld Eldar vs my Ironclaw Space Marines. 4000 points/side. Greg is 'field testing' a new army list that was put up on the "Tactical Command" website for its author. An excellent list, but like a "pocket battleship", it can "dish it out better than it can take it' would be my overall verdict.

As usual, Greg lays out a very nice looking table and we soon got stuck in. Both sides had learned from our first meeting. While I was pounded unmercifully last game turn 1, this time the Eldar elected to hold back and have me come to them so not to overextend himself. On my side, I had 2 units of scouts on "overwatch' to help slow him down. Sadly, this was to be negated by his placement of victory point markers, so that only 2/3 the table could be covered by my Scouts. Clever, those Eldar.

Anyway, an excellent game that we were at for almost 4 hours. Greg had poor luck with his saves, and was way down at one point, but gradually fought his way back. All our games are good fun, but also hard work mentally as you work out what to do (or regret what you did!). It was an Ironclaw Marine Victory, but had the game gone another turn..... who knows???.”


The Ironclaw Space Marines Task Force

4 x Warhound Titans,

4 x Predator Annihilator platoons

3 x Tactical Marine platoons.(ONE WITH COMMANDER)

2 x Whirlwind units

2 x scout unit


1 x Swords of Vaul Warhost with Six Falcons

2 x Swords of Vaul Warhost with Six Fire prism

2 x Swords of Vaul Warhost with Six Warp Hunters (old plastic falcons)

1 x Guardian Warhost with One Farseer unit, five Guardian units and three Wave Serpents

1 x Guardian Warhost with One Farseer unit, five Guardian units and three Wave Serpents and Autarch

2 x Hornet Troupe with Three Hornets(stand in firestorms)

1 x Lynx Troupe with Lynx( Revenant Pulse Laser)(Scorpion vehicles)

1 x Lynx Troupe with Lynx( Revenant Sonic Lance)(Cobra Vehicles)

2 x Night Spinner Troupe with Three Night Spinners

1 x Windrider Troupe with 6 Jet bikes



The table was setup with two city blocks one on the left side and one on the right side, with road going through them from one edge to another. There were two forests  and a few hills scatted around.

jhkjhkhkjk 002jhkjhkhkjk 003



Both armies deployed along their base line, begin evenly space out for the Iron Claws.The Mymeara were more bunched up along the whole front.

  jhkjhkhkjk 004 jhkjhkhkjk 005


Iron claws win the initiative and move a unit up to the front line. The very first turn was a turn of movement were both sides move their forces into position. The Mymeara artillery was in range and place a few blast markers on two tactical units. Then a unit of warp hunters moved up and shot a scout screen to start making a hole in it. The ironclaws return favour by breaking the unit. All movement is done and so Mymeara manage to rally the warp hunter unit that broke and both sides had no problems in removing blast markers.

jhkjhkhkjk 006 jhkjhkhkjk 007 jhkjhkhkjk 008 jhkjhkhkjk 009 jhkjhkhkjk 010 jhkjhkhkjk 011 jhkjhkhkjk 012 jhkjhkhkjk 013 jhkjhkhkjk 014 jhkjhkhkjk 015 jhkjhkhkjk 016 jhkjhkhkjk 017 jhkjhkhkjk 018 jhkjhkhkjk 019 jhkjhkhkjk 020


Mymeara win the initiative double moving falcon unit to the  left hand side to attacked a tactical unit and then it pop back behind cover and the retained the initiative and fired artillery at the same unit, for little result. Then the ironclaws moved a unit up in the city to play havoc with movement etc. The Mymeara make a push up the centre and use double activation in doing this, they mange to break a warhound and scout unit. Then cut a Predator unit in half and did nothing to another. This cost Mymeara 7 units which  were broken and one being destroy out right. Which was the most expensive unit on the board for the Mymeara (BTS for the ironclaws). The ironclaws move rest of their units, breaking another unit by artillery fire. The end phase saw the Mymeara rally 4 out of the six units on the board, with two being removed due to failing. The Ironclaws rallied their scout unit, but no joy on the warhound unit.

jhkjhkhkjk 021 jhkjhkhkjk 022 jhkjhkhkjk 023 jhkjhkhkjk 024 jhkjhkhkjk 025 jhkjhkhkjk 026 jhkjhkhkjk 027 jhkjhkhkjk 028 jhkjhkhkjk 029 jhkjhkhkjk 030 jhkjhkhkjk 031


Iron claws win the initiative and move a tactical unit across to the city on the left hand side. The Mymeara target that tactical unit with artillery fire and place more blast markers on it. Then move the warp hunters over and shoot the same unit. The ironclaws do a fire fight on a Mymeara armour unit and win. The turn had at least three other fire fights and the ironclaws winning all but one, breaking two units and then losing a two units of Predator. The Mymeara have little left in the way of units and so mainly try and hide and make sure they contest objects. The only interesting point was the ironclaws worried by a unit of jet bike screaming down the throat of a artillery unit, on the left flank. The Mymeara rally all units in question and so do the ironclaws. Both forces have no worries in removing blast markers.

jhkjhkhkjk 032 jhkjhkhkjk 033 jhkjhkhkjk 034 jhkjhkhkjk 035 jhkjhkhkjk 036 jhkjhkhkjk 037 jhkjhkhkjk 038 jhkjhkhkjk 039 jhkjhkhkjk 040 jhkjhkhkjk 041 jhkjhkhkjk 042 jhkjhkhkjk 043 jhkjhkhkjk 044 jhkjhkhkjk 045 jhkjhkhkjk 046


The ironclaws won the initiative and moved the tactical unit into hand to hand combat with the jet bikes, winning the combat, by two and so the jet bikes break and retreat back to their side of the table. The warp hunters fire at the tactical unit that has no rhinos left and place three blast markers on it, so the Mymeara fire artillery at the unit breaking the tactical unit. The rest of the turn is made of the ironclaws looking how they can move and take hold of a objective and that ends the game. The Mymeara have a 1/2 strength warp hunter unit, two artillery units a full strength and a Guardian host that had four stands of infantry in it.

jhkjhkhkjk 047 jhkjhkhkjk 048 jhkjhkhkjk 049 jhkjhkhkjk 050 jhkjhkhkjk 051 jhkjhkhkjk 052 jhkjhkhkjk 053 jhkjhkhkjk 054 jhkjhkhkjk 055 jhkjhkhkjk 056 jhkjhkhkjk 057 jhkjhkhkjk 058 jhkjhkhkjk 059

Wow want a game, turn two was a shocker for the eldar and I’m happy that i manage to get it back to a 2-0 game. It was looking like a 5-0 game at one point. If the ironclaws had been more aggressive then the out come on turn four may have been different.



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