Monday, August 22, 2011

Mini-BattleTech and Normal Battletech


Well finely finish the battetech stuff, I ended up buying two box's each of the clan and insphere for the  Battleforce game. These mech are smaller then the standard battletech mech, I have add some standard mechs in the shoots with the battleforce stuff.

First up are the clan figures

battletech 001battletech 004battletech 005battletech 006battletech 007battletech 008battletech 009battletech 010battletech 012

second up are the insphere figures

battletech 013battletech 014battletech 015battletech 016battletech 017battletech 018battletech 019battletech 020

The next few shots are of the normal battletech figures that came in the introduction box set.

battletech 021battletech 022battletech 023battletech 024battletech 025battletech 026battletech 027battletech 028battletech 029

Any ways enjoy, may the dice roll high for you.


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