Monday, November 15, 2010

Hotts Game


Well as always Britt Did the report, i took the pictures

Greg came over about 6:30PM and we had a Super “Hordes of the Things” game of 72 points per side. Greg fielded a “Haradrin” army of LotR miniatures, all beautifully painted. I fielded a Bretonnian Army, with the addition of 3 units of “Beasts”, ie trained Cougars. The terrain had 2 steep hills & woods on the eastern edge, a central diagonal road, and 4 low small hills on the western side. See Greg’s blog for the details as well as some nice shots of the battle:

   On to the battle. My Eastern flank was made of Shooters, 2 units of Cougars, and a Hero. My Centre was Knights backed by an Aerial Hero on a Griffon & 2 Pegasus. My Western flank held Hordes (surprisingly good troops!), more pussycats, a Mage, and Blades. Facing my Shooters were some of the same plus a Haradrin Hero in a Chariot. The Haradrin Centre had a Behemoth, Spear, and Shooters, Riders, and a Mage in the woods while his Western wing had another Behemoth and lots of Riders & Shooters.

   I got in trouble right away. Greg’s Riders in the Centre got stuck into my Knights, and were surprisingly hard to drive off. Ah, I have a cunning plan! I’ll fly my Pegasus behind them preventing their retreat when my Shooters blast them. Not only did my Shooters fail to drive the riders back, my poor Pegasus were lucky to escape with their lives! My Hero on the Eastern flank was less fortunate. Attacking the Haradrin Hero in a Chariot proved unwise, and he came to a sticky end. To make matters worse, he was also a sub-General, so now all commands on this flank would take double the PIPs. Still, we more or less gave as well as we got. The Western Behemoth was killed, and my Hordes were chasing his Mage (oh the indignity!).

   Then I got in trouble again. Not learning from my last mistake, this time I put my C-in-C on the Griffon behind enemy lines to prevent retreats. Same result as last time. I kill nothing and barely escape with my life! Flying is highly overrated!  While my Eastern flank was being crushed by that %@!!&*  Hero Chariot, and my pussycats Meowing their last, I was having better luck in the West. Hero, Blades, & Mage finally got the upper hand. The points lost by both sides were now still about equal and getting close to the critical break point. While my Eastern flank was obviously lost, many enemy units were left behind and not able to join in the fray. My sole (soul?) surviving religious Horde now took out the Haradrin Mage and helped to turn the flank in the centre. Still, the battle losses mounted rapidly for both sides.

   At the end, The Haradrin lost the 36 points needed to break them. The Bretonnians were little better with 31 points lost. Pyrrhic victory. A fun, fast, and very enjoyable time was had by all and I would recommend Hordes of the Things to anyone interested in a good Fantasy Battle. Magic was there, but not overpowering. Your tactics on the field were far more important than your army selection.

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Hope your dice roll high

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