Monday, November 8, 2010

First game of Hotts


As always Britt wrote the report and I took the pictures.

Greg arrived a bit before 7PM for our usual miniatures game. This week it was to be a 48 pt/side battle of Hordes of the Things (HotT). Greg chose the Bretonnian Army (Knights, Hordes, Blades, Heroes, Pegasus flyers, & very tough little Sorceress on a Unicorn) so I fielded the Orcs (Blades, Dragon, Riders, Trolls, a giant, Mage, Heroes & Beasts). The field had a central rough hill, with gentle hills and a wood on either side. See Greg’s blog for a photo essay of it all. We rolled off and Greg was the defender, but moved first. His 2 Pegasus over flew my lines and were a worry, but finally came to a bad end when my Dragon appeared and with the aid of my General Hero, destroyed them. The Orcs were leading for most of the first half of the game. I’d even killed one of his Generals. But that Bretonnian Sorceress drove away my Riders on my right and even was able to stand toe to toe with my Dragon! My central thrust came to a bad end when Bretonnian archers wiped out my Trolls and killed a General. Things looked pretty sticky on my left as well. Seeing his duty and doing it, the Orc’s Dragon flew toward the Bretonnian Stronghold to burn it down. But it was too late. My centre crumbled, and before the Dragon could even reach the enemy Stronghold, the Orcs were running away (ie, I’d lost over 24 points worth of troops). Victory to Bretonnia! (& Greg).


Hope your dice roll high.


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