Thursday, August 16, 2012

Battletech 16 Aug

Britt came over and we did a battle tech game each side had the same mechs. So both sides had a Atlas, battlemaster, Wolfhound and a nexus II. The objective was to get to the blue bead and take it out through your deployment zone to win game.

After 3 turns of moving mechs, I manage to get to the blue Bead first and pick it up, with Britt Nexus not far behind. Then the start of turn five Brits Nexus does a "death from above" on it semi-successfully, causing my nexus to drop the Bead. Then I returned the favour to Britt’s nexus, and so it continued until some of Britt’s other mechs caught up and started  to shoot my nexus and after taking a pile of damage,Britt blew off the Nexus left leg. Turn 6 by this point Britt Nexus was running to the hills in the back ground, with the blue bead. The Wolfhound was fired a pond and by the time the smoke cleared he had lost his top left half of his body and so could not shoot. So was left with kick attacks which did over the last couple of turns. Turn 7 Britt win’s.

Highlights of the game

Britt’s Battlemaster glowing like a x-mass tree and so working out want he need to avoid shut down was a 11+ and making the roll

My Nexus II making a piloting roll and making,to stand back up.

My wolfhound running around with no bloody weapons.

Britt’s Atlas opening up with every gun and missing with all of them(no SRM/LRM were fired)

My Atlas taking nearly all game to get into a position and then only get to shoot once.

nmnm,nm, 001 nmnm,nm, 002 nmnm,nm, 003 nmnm,nm, 004 nmnm,nm, 005 nmnm,nm, 006 nmnm,nm, 007 nmnm,nm, 008 nmnm,nm, 009 nmnm,nm, 010 nmnm,nm, 011 nmnm,nm, 012 nmnm,nm, 014 nmnm,nm, 015 nmnm,nm, 016 nmnm,nm, 018 nmnm,nm, 019 nmnm,nm, 020 nmnm,nm, 021

Hope the dice roll high.




  1. Ah, yes.

    Heat management on BLR-1G. Always a hoot. I remember it well. :D

  2. Yes it brought back memories of some of my earlier games of Battletech.