Monday, June 13, 2011



Manage to get a another game of battletech in last night, any ways Britt did the report and i took the pictures.

“Trent & Greg came by for a game of Battletech tonight. Trent used his 5 Mechs ( Whitworth, Trebuchet, Commando, Jenner, & Hunchback) against my 4 Hunchbacks, giving us 200 tons per side. The terrain was on a 6’ x 4’ mat, with high mesas surrounding a city with wooded parklands to its west. Most of the fighting occurred here. Greg GM’d and did all the hard calculations. Thanks Greg.

   Trent deployed on the far side of the woods, wisely in close formation with the light Mechs leading and covering the heavier support Mechs. I tried to divide his force by moving  2 of my Hunchbacks (Stripes & Spots) down the road straight toward him while sending the other two (Night & Fog) around the west wood edge. Trent however refused to be drawn off, so my “flanking force” reunited with the main group inside the woods. Trent’s Mechs had moved up while his Jenner took a high position on the rooftops to the parklands east. Spots was the first major casualty. While it never actually died, it had but 1 Medium laser left after it had been badly shot up. The Whitworth and the Trebuchet poured in merciless fire, especially onto Fog. Trents Commando was pretty shot up and eventually fell over, got up, then fell for good. Just to the east both the Whitworth and ‘Fog” blew up due to ammo explosions. Our 2 badly shot up Hunchbacks got into a kicking contest when all each had otherwise left to fight with were one  Medium Laser. Finally ‘Stripe” got behind Trent’s Hunchback and blew it up.  The valiant Commando, still on the ground, got off a few more shots. Spots, now with engine trouble and pilot hits was lucky to stay upright.

   But the tide had turned.  The Jenner shifted positions on the roof tops to get a better shot. With the death of the Hunchback, my two Mechs Night and Stripes could now give the Jenner their full attention, and they did. An ammo explosion on the Jenner signaled the death of another good Mech Pilot, and the end of the battle. The Commando was captured but its pilot was granted “honours of war” to return to his unit. All had fought bravely as my destroyed “Fog”, and badly shot up “Spots” and “Stripes” will testify. This was a very good game with plenty of laughs and hard decisions.”


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Any Ways hope your dice roll high.


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