Monday, September 6, 2010



Another battle report using the rank & file rules. As always Britt wrote the report and i took the pictures.


Greg came over around 6:30 PM for an ACW game using the rank & files rules & 15mm miniatures. His blog at will have lots of photos.  In the early part of the game, the Yanks (me) advanced, and were able to take part of the central hill. Yank artillery couldn’t hit the ground, but the Reb (Greg) fire was deadly, and the Reb’s jumped to an early lead. The battle for the western wood was pretty much a stalemate. Rebs poured through the centre, but were eventually pushed back. Also in the centre was a terrific cavalry battle. The Yanks won the first battle, but a rallied and angry charge by the Cherokees soon swept the Bluecoats from the field. The eastern flank also bogged down to a very weary cycle of charge and counter-charge. The winner? None! We both went over our army morale level on the same turn. Talk about a close game, and a most enjoyable one as well. Next week we’ll use the same rules, but with different options, to play a Napoleonic battle as the French (me) face the Russian hordes (Greg). Should be a fun match-up.


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Hope you enjoy and may the dice roll high for you.


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