Thursday, October 8, 2009

Future War Commander: Skirmish

Well have final got a game after about 3 months not having a game. so below is from the email britt did and put up on the bundy group.There are pictures below, but the camra batteries went flat. So only got four shots.

"Greg came over for a game last night. It was really good to see him again, and even better to have a game. He'd brought out his Blood Bowl minis...he has at least 5 we'd planned to have a Blood Bowl game after we finished off Future War Commander: Skirmish. As it turned out, we ran out of time, but they were certainly beautifully painted miniatures. We also discussed other things like his rebasing all his Epic:A stuff for FWC , selling all his 15mm lead ancients and moving into the newer 28mm plastic stuff by Wargames Factory, his health, state of the club here, etc. He also loaned me a Orc Team reminder card to photocopy since mine's "missing in action".

Then to the main event! I'd set up the table (see Bundygamers home page) for a Future War Commander:Skirmish game. Both sides had 2 fireteams each of a Chaingun Gunner, Loader, & 2 Troopers, and 4 fireteams of 5 Troopers each which also included a Sgt. & a Lt. (CV 8 & 9). Usual 'meeting engagement" scenario to give both sides a chance to attack & defend. Its always good fun to have a game with Greg, as we joke & laugh as well as conduct serious play. His luck is also (usually) as bad as mine, but last night things went well luck-wise for both of us.

Early in the game, a firefight broke out between one of my Chaingunners on the white building & Greg's on the opposite hill. It was funny. Belt after belt of ammo was poured at each other, but I didn't get wiped out for about 4 turns! "Great Moments in Greg's Luck" occured here. I got 3 hits on Greg's Chaingunner, & he rolled 3 6's (YES...He did take a photo!) and saved them all! We called the trooper "Lucky Eddie" after that. On the flip side, I managed 3 command blunders, usually causing me to withdraw, but to no great game effect. I never could get one of my fireteams to move, & Greg had a Sgt, the sole survivor of his fireteam, to stay put for 3 turns. I guess the poor fellow was in shock!

While I was leading early on, and even won a hand-to-hand fight, Greg's Lt. won the day, pressing forward with his team manfully. My side finally hit morale (15 dead) and headed for the hills! Victory to Greg. A great little game. I'll leave it set up for Friday night in case anyone wants to give it a go, but we can do a boardgame just as easily.

Next Wednesday night Greg & I plan on doing a ACW "On To Richmond" scenario game, probably from Jackson's 'Valley Campaign'."

Till next time, and thank you britt

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