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"Surgical Strike" FWC scenario...18 Jan 08

James, Greg, Trent, & Britt assembled at Innes Park for our usual Sunday FWC game. Greg wanted to try the "Surgical Strike" scenario, so I'd set up the table and let him decide on which side he wanted to play and which edge he wanted if the attacker. He chose to have the Marines be the attacker and come in on the East (short) edge.(see photo, looking west). The 4 objectives were the "Deep Space Communications Tower" in the heart of East City, The Fighter Base/hanger to the south, The Ion Cannon on Cannon Hill north of it, and the "Colonial Administration Building", the largest building in West City.

Marines (Greg & Trent).
1 CO (CV10)
2 HQ (CV9)
2 FAC (CV9)
2 Recce Unit (M4A2 All-Terrain Bike)
8 Infantry Unit (Regular Marines)
4 IFV Unit (M50 'Bad Dawg')
8 IFV Unit (M1 'Big Mama' Assault Vehicle)
2 Walker Unit (M1A5 'Coyote')
8 Artillery Unit (M1 Missile System)

Red Guard (James & Britt)
1 CO (CV 8)
4 HQ (CV 7)
2 FAO (CV 8)
12 Conscript Infantry
6 Red Lance Artillery
2 Red Scouts
14 T-990 MBT 'Leman Russ'
12 T-792S 'Siegfried' Lt. Tanks

Deployment: The Red Guard had 12 Conscript Infantry, 1 FAO, 2 HQ's and a Scout deployed on the objectives, generally 3 Conscripts to an objective.

TURN 1. Trent came in on the NE board edge with 4 Big M's and a Scout Bike. The rest failing to arrive. Greg gets 2 Rhinos (Bad Dawg), 4 Big M's, and a Recce Bike on the SE edge. . The Red Guard seem to have been at a political meeting watching "Inspirational Media", thus failing to spot the invaders.

TURN 2. Trent moves his scout bike 5 moves forward toward "Cannon Hill". Next he moves his Rhinos around the NE wood to near the central wood.
Greg brings on his 2 Coyote Walkers. These move forward as do his Rhino's and Big M's to just short of East City and its Commo Tower. They're spotted!! Alarms ring out, orders are quickly given, and the sound of running feet can be heard everywhere in the city.

TURN 3. Trent: Rhinos move north of "Cannon Hill" and deploy. Op fire from defending Conscripts does little damage. Marines charge uphill at the Ion Cannon's defenders, who first score a few hits on them, then amazingly defeat them in hand-to-hand combat! Two Marine squads lie bleeding on the ground while the rest retreat. Shouts of "Long Live Chairman Smirnoff" can be heard. But the victory is short lived, and 4 Big M's now move up, shooting at the Cannons defenders, killing 2 of the 3 defending squads.
Greg deploys 4 Marine units onto the SE edge of East City from their Rhinos.. His Big M's now move toward the Fighter Base, being between it and East City.
James RG Artillery (30D worth) hits the advancing Big M's. 5 hits but no kills. He moves some infantry toward East City. The Reserve of 12 Light Tanks is committed to the West on East City.

TURN 4. Trent : Marine Artillery kills the last Conscript defender on Cannon Hill and the way to the Ion Cannon is now clear. Greg: A Marine Assault by 2 Rhinos & passengers on the Commo Tower kills 1 Conscript, but the defenders are tenacious.
James: Artillery roll fails, a critical loss. Defenders told to hold at all cost. Britt: The RG Light Tanks open up at short range on the Big M's. They kill 1 and suppress 2. At last, the 14 MBT's arrive and make a double move to the runway!

TURN 5. Greg's artillery kills 1 Lt. Tank and a RG FAO. His second artillery roll fails. Rhinos just outside East City fail to move while the 2 "Coyotes" return to their assault drophip. ??? Trent has a bad run of Command rolls.
James: Also fails his Artillery roll. Gunners out for Bosch & vodka? The Light Tanks continue to fire, suppressing 1 Big M and killing another. The main MBT forces remains halted at the runway.

TURN 6. Trent: Marines move onto the Ion Cannon and plant their charges! This causes a Reactor explosion which kills the 2 Marine Units inside, and suppressing several friends & foes outside. The Ion Cannon is destroyed. A new artillery barrage on the RG Light Tanks kills 1 and suppresses 2 others. Greg: Greg's artillery descends upon the hapless Lt. Tanks. This kills 2 and a Scout, then he opens up with his Big M's to kill 3 of the survivors of the artillery as well as 1 HQ.

TURN 7. Trent begins his withdrawal. 4 Big M's leave and numerous HQ's and FAO are in full retreat. Artillery damages 3 Lt. Tanks. Greg's last remaining infantry enters the Deep Space Commo Tower and plants its charges. A second move and it's BOOM!
While the attacker has exceeded its Break point, he has accomplished his mission! There is no way the Red Guard can kill over 5 of the retreating Marine units, so they'll all make it off board next turn, allowing him to double his victory points to 8 compared to the Red Guards 4. VICTORY TO THE MARINES. They earned it!

Well another four hours killed near the beach, nice hot sunny day. Aways keep safe. Thanks Britt for doing the write up.

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